These Undercoat Rakes are AMAZING! Specifically designed by groomers
to increase comfort and reduce repetitive motion injury, our Undercoat
Rakes glide through coats to remove undercoat and loose, dead hair with
speed and efficiency. Available in single-row or double-row pins.
These slicker brushes feature a unique angled head to provide better
access to hard-to-reach areas and reduce stress and fatigue on hands and
Use to remove loose hair without damaging the undercoat. Lightweight,
ergonomically designed brushes have contoured finger grips on the
handles to support the angled heads.
UGroom Small Slicker Brushes features steel pins, and a contoured handle
to make home grooming easy. Great for at-home, between grooming
Grooming small dogs just got easier with this line of grooming tools that are
specifically sized for smaller breeds with finer hair and more-sensitive skin.
Redesigned, slim, textured handles have a non-slip rubber grip for added
control and comfort. Use for detangling and undercoat removal.
Master Grooming Tools greyhound combs are constructed from steel. An
essential tool for fluffing, detangling, and removing dead hair from medium
to long-haired dogs and cats.
These handled-combs were designed with hardened steel teeth that are
positioned at a 90-degree angle from the pistol grip handle, keeping your
wrist straight during use. The innovative pistol grip handle is shaped to fit
the contours of your hand and is covered with ribbed rubber for a
comfortable, solid grip.
One side of the shedding blade has small, dulled teeth that catch and
remove excess hair from the coat. Shedding blades can be especially
effective for keeping dogs with short coats from shedding all over your
UGroom large slicker brush features rubber pins, and a contoured handle
to make home grooming easy. Perfect for at-home, between grooming
maintenance of short haired dogs.
The UGroom Curry Brush is a natural rubber brush that helps promote
healthy skin and coat. Flexible rubber fingers gently collect loose hair like a
magnet on wet or dry coats. The Curry Brush remove dead, loose hair and
massage skin. Helps distribute natural oils in the coat
Master Groom Nail Clippers trim nails with greater speed, accuracy and
efficiency! These professional-grade nail clippers for pets feature
ultra-sharp stainless steel blades to cut nails quickly and efficiently.
Clippers are available in two sizes..
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